AIRPLUS 12 ROUND (Set of 2)

Rs. 6,089.00 Rs. 6,500.00

New micro-perforated fiberglass silicone moulds ideal for baking. These innovative moulds, thanks to their micro-perforated texture, allow an even diffusion of the heat reducing cooking time and ensuring a perfect result. Perfect for both sweet and savoury creations. They are ideal for create tarts, baked cakes and puff pastry preparations. The moulds are non-stick and can be used on both sides to prepare empty or stuffed tartlets. Temperature range: -40°C +230°C (-40°F +446°F)
• Microperforated pattern for thehumidity evaporation
• Non-stick moulds*
• Ideal for all kinds of dough
• The dough doesn’t leak out of themould cavity
• Easy and perfect unmoulding

*High fat cake doughs could slightly leak out from the base of the mould during baking, ensuring in any case an excellent final result.
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