Alveole 3

Rs. 1,859.00

Oven / microwave proof
 Freezer / blast freezer proof
 Dishwasher safe

Size: Ø75mm h3,5mm + 21x18mm
Volume: 5x3ml + 8x0,5ml = 19m
Alvéolé is a thin decoration representing the hexagonal cells texture typical of the beehive built by the bees, where they produce the precious nectar. In the same silicone mat, in addition of the beehive texture, it is provided a bee shaped decoration, for more realistic creations. Alvéolé3 is composed of 5 ø 75mm circular decorations with beehive texture and a volume of 3ml each. The silicone mat includes bee shaped decorations, with a volume of 3 ml and sized 21x17,5mm.


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