Hamburger maker

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Hamburger maker »Uno«
• forms beautiful patties • for that genuine American burger experience • upper part made of cast aluminium with food-safe coating, lower part ABS • burger Ø approx. 11 cm|
We love burgers
The Uno hamburger maker quickly and easily produces burger patties from minced meat, soya meat substitute, grains and vegetables. The resulting evenly sized and form-stable patties can then be cooked with optimal results. Thanks to grooves on the underside of the press, the aluminium tool creates authentic grill-grate lines. By applying a little oil before use, it is very easy to remove the patties from the mould. The rounded stamp handle ensures optimal pressure and makes the hamburger maker easy to use. Achieve optimal results by filling to a maximum quantity of 200 g. Give it a try!

• dishwasher safe • 5 years guarantee
aluminium; TPE; ABS
115 x 115 x 80 mm

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