Kit Stella Del circo 1000

Rs. 5,837.00 Rs. 6,918.00

Freezer / blast freezer proof
Dishwasher safe

280mm x 60mm x h71mm

Vol. Total: 1000ml
Cavity: 4
Vol. Cavity: 1000ml

4 moulds together in one unique successful combination of shape and taste. The kit is composed by 4 pieces: 3 food safe silicone moulds 100% Made in Italy and one plastic support to guarantee more stability during the preparation phase. The Kit is made in collaboration with the Team Italia, composed by: the president Gino Fabbri, the captain Lucca Cantarin,Francesco e Marcello Boccia and the trainer Alessandro Dalmasso.Team Italia, award winning at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie of Lione 2013.

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