Kit Tarte Ring Honore 80 mm

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By Pavoni

Soft and firm at the same time, the new Kit Tarte Ring Honoré Ø 80 mm by Silikomart Professional conceived with MOF Pâtissier Jean-Michel Perruchon will surprise you. The kit is composed by two elements: 8 rings with a 80 mm diameter in thermoplastic composite crush-proof material suitable for baking and creating the base and a silicone mould made up 8 cavities of Ø 70 h 13 mm each to make a mousse or a cream to lay over the shortcrust pastry. The rings are non-stick and stainless, they allow an homogenous baking and they are characterized by a high thermal stability. Mould size: Ø70 h13 mm
Ring size: Ø80 h20 mm
Mould vol.:34 ml x 6 tot. 272 ml

Ring Size: Ø80mm h20mm

Mould Size: Ø70mm h13mm

Mould Volume: 8x34ml

Total: 272ml

Ring Number: 8pz

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