Modelling Tools – 8 pcs

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8 Made in Italy multi-functional tools, studied for the modelling and 3D finishes of any kind of modelling paste. Each tool has a double tip and is provided with an innovative ergonomic handle which guarantees a firm grip. SET OF 8 MODELLING TOOLS. 1. BALL TOOL: Essential for flower making. Used to shape, frill &. cup petals and leaves etc. 2. BONE TOOL: Excellent for thinning out and smoothing the edges of leaves, petals &. frills. 3. STAR TOOL: Ideal for creating star indents or creating centeres of 5 of 6 petal flowers. 4. BULBOUS CONE TOOL: A multi-purpose tool, used to hollow out numerous shapes and to create frills. 5. LEAF SHAPING TOOL: Used to smooth and flute paste and to vain and detail leaves and flowers. Often called a Dresden tool. 6. SERRATED TOOL: Ideal for making features on modelling figures such as smiles. Also embosses a serrated pattern. 7. SHELL &. BLADE TOOL: Ideal for creating simple shell-like designs and for cutting paste. 8. CONE &. STAR TOOL: Designed to create cone-shaped hollows and throats on sugar flowers. Product made in Italy
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