Premium Chef's Knife 10"

Rs. 1,009.00 Rs. 1,109.00

Premium Line knives have a modern design and the anatomical polypropylene handle is textured, offering comfort and safety during handling. Cutting food is facilitated by the highly durable wire due to the heat treatment applied to the stainless steel blades. The line has special formats for different uses. For greater practicality, always use the appropriate knife. They can be taken to the dishwasher.

Technical information:

Stainless steel blade. Polypropylene handle.


SAFE AND PROPER USE: Before first use, wash the parts well and dry them. Be careful when handling sharp and perforating products and keep them out of the reach of children. For greater durability of the products, it is recommended to dry well before storing, even after machine washing. To dispose of products and packaging, follow current recycling guidelines.

Shipping and Returns

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